Best lodge in Mindo, Ecuador.

Paz de las aves Lodge

Our Lodge was created for birdwatchers and photographers who love the nature and the birds around.

Birding Lodge for photography in Mindo, Ecuador

Refugio Paz de las Aves is a small family business for birding and photography. for several year, we saw an opportunity to create a comfortable place where birdwatchers or photographers can stay overnight. If you decide to stay at our birding Lodge, I guaranty that you will have more chance to see and photograph many birds in the habitat.

At the biding lodge, you will have 3 hides. The first is for tanager, toucan, and others species of birds, it is near to the lodge. The second was made near to the birding lodge for hummingbirds, you will have a good background and space to install the multi-flash. The third is 1312 feet, this hide is for toucan and some animals.

This Birding Lodge can be perfect for a family or a group of friends, because. We created this lodge with just 2 bathrooms. The cabin has 2 floors, at the first floor, Angel and his family is living, and the second floor, it is for birdwatchers or photographer who want to get a wonderful experience.

Why stay in our family house?

Because, The Paz de las Aves family is going to do the best for you, Angel and Rodrigo Paz will show you a lot of birds in two days, and also, you can rent our Multi Flash equipment and take the best photos ever, as well as the local food, you will lose your mind.

How much is the staying?

We don’t charge just for the night, if you want to stay in our lovely place, we offer tours where you will enjoy the nature, birding and photogrsaphy. If you buy any tours, you will have the chance to see many special birds as Antpittas, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, tanager, toucans and many more.